Website Audit

When you work with Profitworks, we'll start by doing a comprehensive audit on your website to evaluate your overall presence online. This is essentially a "health check" for your website to determine where your site's strengths and weaknesses lie. Our team of web experts with assess the health of your website and highlight the immediate problems that need fixing as well as the less-detrimental factors having an impact on your site.

Our customized website audit will cover the technical aspects of your website performance as well as identifying any gaps in your current strategy to convert website visitors into leads.


Our website audit service is available as part of our Local SEO packages as well as à la carte. For pricing information, click here. 


Key Things We Identify:

  • Technical Errors - 404 errors, unstructured data, duplicate content, poor XML sitemaps, SEO issues
  • Accessibility - Overall user experience of your website
  • Indexability - Ease of which Google can crawl your website 
  • Search Performance - The overall strength of your website on search engine results pages 

Reasons For a Website Audit:

  • Your website is not generating traffic or traffic is declining
  • High bounce rates 
  • Poor visitor engagement, traffic not converting to leads 
  • Competitors are outranking you
  • Identification of things that are "broken" but not visible 


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