Competition abounds in dentistry so if you don’t amplify your digital marketing game; you will get left behind.

Digital marketing is crucial to the success of your dental practice because it allows you to compete without having to fork out a massive amount for your advertising budget. With digital marketing, you reach more clients and establish better relationships to foster brand loyalty. Contact Profitworks to learn more!

Now let's dig in and help you step up your digital marketing for your dental practice.  


Why Digital Marketing Should Be Every Dental Practice’s Priority 


Make Sure You Have a Powerful Website 

Your dentistry practice must carve its own place on the world wide web. Online presence is vital with your website helping promote your brand.

Research shows that 76% of prospective patients do their research by perusing a dental provider’s website. Patients like to read up about the credentials of the dentist, find out more information on the various services, search the location, and give feedback. If you don’t have a website, you lose the opportunity to get a client.  

In this techie, digital world, a website is a necessity if you want clients to consider your services. Most consumers now assume that companies, practices, and small startups have their own site.

Your dental practice should prioritize building an excellent official page that exhibits your mission and vision to establish your credibility as a reputable dentist. 


Your dental practice looks more professional and legitimate with a website.  


Leverage the Power of SEO  

You can have a beautiful website, but if people can’t find it, you won't see the benefits of your hard work. It would be best if you leveraged the power of SEO (or search engine optimization), so when patients are looking for dental services, your page will be the first one on the list recommended by top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

SEO is a critical component of digital marketing.

This approach is crucial because studies indicate that 93% of purchase decisions for any business start with a search engine. The majority of clients in this modern era will always research their choices before they purchase goods and services. More specifically, in the field of dentistry, 77% of prospective patients do their research through search engines before they decide on their dentist.

If you don’t utilize SEO, you will be losing a fair share of your market. 


Make your digital marketing goal to ensure that your dental practice stays on the top rankings of the big three search engines around the globe - Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Implement Email Marketing 

Once you’ve built your website, it is essential to create a call to action that asks your visitors to register for your newsletter. Work hard on getting your clients' emails in person, too. When they visit your clinic, ask for their email address. Email marketing is a cost-effective method that entices new clients and helps you retain the old ones.  

Email marketing can help grow your dental practice. On top of that, it is easy to do and generates a quick return on your investment. Studies show that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42, which is an astounding figure!  


Generate Reviews 

Make sure that you provide reviews or a testimonials page on your website. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask your clients for a review because if you do perform exemplary services, they will be thrilled to help promote your practice. A review page boosts your image, shows your credibility as a professional, and encourages loyalty towards your brand. 

You can also set up a referral campaign. When your patients recommend clients to you, you can provide them with treatment bonuses.

You not only retain their loyalty, but you gain new clients as well. Word of mouth marketing is one of the best methods of advertising as people trust their friends.   


Positive reviews boost your image.


Create Videos of Your Work 

You must create videos of you engaged in your practice because this is the easiest way to show the world your products and services. Showing a video of how you do a root canal or basic dental prophylaxis is a great way to jumpstart your trust-building process with your potential patients. Trust leads to sales! 

To illustrate, using YouTube videos to showcase your services doesn’t cost a lot of money. 87% of marketers attest that videos increase website traffic, which helps in generating leads.

Video marketing statistics show that 73% of clients are more likely to purchase goods or services after watching a “how-to” video that explains what they are looking for. In this day and age where people have very short attention spans, they prefer watching short, succinct videos as opposed to reading lengthy articles about possible treatments and services.  


Use Social Media to Build Your Brand 

Today, most adults own a mobile gadget, and within these gadgets, several social media apps are installed like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. 91% of all social media users use a mobile device to access their accounts.

To illustrate further, Facebook is the most popular social media platform, with 90.4% millennials, 77.5% GenX, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active users. 

It would help if you used the power of social media to increase your dental practice’s visibility. The beautiful thing about this is you can keep your content and promotions geo-focused, so you can specifically target the clients that are near your dental clinic. Social media banner ads work especially well. With social media, you can increase brand awareness and lead people to your website.  

If you create quality content, it has the potential to go viral. The more followers you have, the faster you can expand your client reach, primarily when they are engaged by liking, sharing, or making comments on your posts.


Social media marketing is very effective.


Final Word 

If you want patients to seek out your dental practice, then you must learn about digital marketing practices. The world has already evolved, and if you do not adapt to the changes, you will lose out to your competitors. Be the dentist responsible for many happy patients’ dazzling smiles by being visible online!


Author Bio: Lidia S. Hovhan is a part of the Content and Marketing team at OmnicoreAgency. She contributes articles about how to integrate digital marketing strategy with traditional marketing to help business owners to meet their online goals. 


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