Did you know? Almost 77% of marketing experts saw a rise in their conversion rates due to automation last year. Most popular companies use marketing automation to improve and streamline their marketing process. Many even consider automation to be a vital part of their success. Irrespective of the type of business, automation has proved to be one of the essential parts of a company.

For example, your employees need not spend time responding to customer feedback on social media when the software can do it for you. In this blog, you will find some of the benefits of marketing automation that attract major organizations.

If you are new to this topic, check out the definitive guide to marketing automation to better understand its aspects.


Benefits of Marketing Automation

Let's take a look at how exactly it improves your revenue. At the end of this blog, you will be able to understand the link between this modern software and your revenue.


1. Saves valuable time:

Before the advent of automation, most marketers spent their time on repetitive tasks. Which gave them less time to focus on what they truly excel at, marketing! But due to automation, the time spent on such tasks reduced evidently. The marketing team now has more time on their hands to focus on the core activities.

Let's say you have to send out 150 emails within an hour with names on the headline and a few places in the body. Now, your employee has to spend their valuable time on editing the names on every single email. Using email automation, you can send all those emails at the same time without having to enter the names manually. Voilà, precious time saved!


2. Enhances customer experience:

An improved customer experience results in better customer engagement. This in turn improves customer loyalty and thus the ROI. Using automation technology, you can track customer behavior and provide them with a personalized experience. For instance, a triggered email goes out every time a customer performs certain actions.

Let's be honest, we never open emails that do not have any relevance to your interests. Therefore, automation delivers the right content to the right people. Which results in better customer engagement and directly impacts your profits.


3. Aligns the marketing and sales operations: 

Marketing and sales must always go hand in hand to maintain a higher efficiency. But most of the time, both departments work without coordinating well with each other. Resulting in leads dropping out and thus lower efficiency. Automation reduces such incidents. It keeps the marketing and the sales team well-informed about the actions of each other. Plus, it also facilitates the better handling of the leads. Some marketing solutions also come with ready integrations with the CRM tool. It greatly smoothens the customer data handling between the sales and the marketing team. 


4. Boosts conversion rates:

The ultimate goal of marketing is to create interest in the product and help them make a purchase decision. By employing automation, your team tends to be more effective. This is one of the key benefits of marketing automation software.

Using advanced tracking tools, the software helps you arrive at a more personalized approach. You can also target your website visitors by the use of behavior tracking tools. Moreover, you always have an assistant to do your rudimentary tasks while you do the sophisticated tasks.


5. Improves flexibility:

When investing in a marketing solution, you should always think about your business's future. The tool you select must allow you to scale. i.e., the software must be able to process customer data efficiently irrespective of the population. Even when you have fluctuating numbers a good marketing automation tool will easily adapt to it. Thus providing you with the flexibility needed to make effective marketing decisions.


6. Solidifies reporting practices:

Reporting takes a long time to complete and involves searching for files that you never knew you had. However, reports are one of the most strategic ways to improve your decision-making. So, you need to have reporting tools in the software you select. Automated reports save time and resources spent on creating manual reports.

Manual reports also tend to be inaccurate as they consider only limited variables. But, automation tools are able to produce accurate reports all the time. It never misses even the smallest of variables at play. Also, a good report will help you find the weak links in your organization before they break.


7. Scores and categorizes leads:


To be able to provide relevant content, you need to organise your database first. But that is close to impossible when you do not have an automation tool. This is one of the primary benefits of marketing automation. It will automatically score leads based on their actions and categorise them based on the retrieved data. 

Once again automation proves to be one of the most time saving and cost-cutting tools available for marketing.


8. Provides safety for your customer database:

Modern automation software stores all their customer info on cloud-based storage with advanced security protocols. All your customer data is safe, and also you can retrieve it easily. Knowing the customer data before attending an inbound call is undoubtedly one of the best ways to impress the customers. Plus, you do not have to spend time updating customer info every time. Some software solutions do that automatically.


9. Nurtures quality leads:


Again, gathering quality leads is of utmost priority to the marketers. Because quality leads spend less time turning into paying customers. However, it all depends on how you plan the lead's journey. A marketing automation tool does the work for you.

Nurturing each lead with personalized options is not a possibility in conventional marketing. An automation tool provides custom options and lets the lead choose the one they prefer the most. Hence, making the leads more comfortable in having engaged with your brand.


10. Reduces staffing costs:

Having an automation tool by your side means that you can complete multiple tasks at the same time. It also reduces the need for more human resources. It carries out lead nurturing, scoring, campaign management, and everything else by itself.

It is one of the major benefits of marketing automation that small businesses can reap. Small businesses cannot afford to pay a huge population of employees. In that situation, marketing automation will serve as a substitute that helps maintain a stable profit.


Recommended marketing automation software

Take a look at some of the marketing automation software listed, from the most recommended to the least recommended.


1. PeppyBiz:


PeppyBiz's marketing hub offers you marketing automation, email marketing and lead generation all under one platform. Our software comes packed with all the powerful marketing features at a very reasonable price for small and medium-sized businesses. Our tool is a cloud-based solution, hence saves a lot of space and improves accessibility. Combined with customizations, your marketing team does not have to worry about the software's compatibility with your business operations.


2. HubSpot Marketing Hub:


HubSpot's marketing automation has every modern tool you will ever need to run your business. Modern marketing requires the team to juggle between so many responsibilities. This tool simplifies all the fuss and streamlines your marketing operations. The reason why we recommend it the least is the pricing. It sure has mind-blowing feature updates, but the sky-high pricing is not for everyone.


3. NotifyVisitors:


NotifyVisitors is a software solution that comes at reasonable pricing with a free trial as well. You get amazing customer support through emails and phone calls. With this software, you can perform the functions of CRM, sales and marketing automation. The only drawback is it has a bit of a learning curve. But customer support is always ready to solve your issues.


4. ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampaign is an amazing software solution with loads of customisations and features. It gives you more than 500 ready-made automation to begin your marketing process quickly. It comes at fair pricing suitable for businesses of all sizes. But, the not-very-supportive customer support drags down the amazing functions it offers.


5. MailChimp:


If you need everything related to sales and marketing under one platform, MailChimp must be your go-to option. It has one of the best user-friendly tools and also has extensive reporting tools. However, the software doesn't support integration with the popular communications tool Slack.



We haven't even started to discuss many other benefits of marketing automation in this article. Marketing automation, when used in the right places, offers boundless advantages. However, you have to be careful about the places you choose to use them. You do not want to be the brand that replies 'Glad to hear that' to a tweet that has negative reviews with positive words.


Guest Blog by PeppyBiz

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