Top Search Terms 2010

What people are searching for on the internet is a very good indicator of what people are doing on the internet. If you are a small business owner looking to attract new customers on the internet it is clear why this information is valuable to have. Below are the top search terms of 2010.

Top Search Terms

The terms that top the list for 2010 are................

1. Facebook

2. Facebook Login

3. Youtube

4. Craigslist

5. MySpace


7. eBay

8. Yahoo


10. Mapquest

To read the complete article go to this article titled Facebook was the top search term in 2010 for second straight year.

As you can see Facebook is part of 4 of the top 10 searches on line! In addition to this there are many people who go directly to and do not search for it. The way we are using the web is changing and facebook is at the center of this change. In 2010 Facebook also surpassed Google as the most visited site. In other words facebook has become to the internet what Coca Cola is to soft drinks......THE name in the business.

What does this mean for small business owners. Well if you have been using google advertising and it has been successful for you should probably start thinking about facebook advertising as well. Facebook advertising is in general less expensive per click (usually $0.85 to $1.75 per click) compared to google (usually $2.00 - $6.00 per click) and you get more impressions with Facebook (roughly about 4 times that on google). If you are not using google or facebook I would highly recommend you consider investigating these advertising methods. Because of the nature of these advertising platforms it is very easy to test them for a very low budget of a couple hundred dollars. From this small investment you should be able to quickly see if they are working and worth your while to invest your money and time in larger campaigns on facebook or google.

This does not mean that google advertising will become any less effective. Google still has loads of internet traffic and is only slightly behind facebook. If anything this chance of the landscape may help improve the ROI of google campaings as their prices may drop to become more competitive with Facebook as people bid less on google and shift more of their online marketing funds to Facebook.

I hope this article has been thought provoking. I know seeing the 10 ten searches of 2010 was interesting to me. I knew facebook was getting big, but after see that it is 4 of the top 10 search terms from 2010 made me realize really how big it has become. Another interesting list from 2010 is the top sites visited.....maybe I will write on that list another time.

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