Waterloo Marketing Options

In this video I review a process that can help determine what marketing activities to invest behind and test if you are looking to do some marketing to increase sales. The video looks at waterloo marketing options. I have chosen to specifically look at options for the city of Waterloo as that is where all of my clients are. Although, using the process I outline in the video you can determine which marketing activities would be best to invest behind regardless of what geographic area your business operates in. I have also included the list in this blog as they can be hard to see in the video if it is not full screen.


Here is the list of waterloo marketing options shown on the slide.


- Google Adwords

- LinkedIn Ads

- Facebook Advertising

- Youtube

- Facebook Pages & Groups

- LinkedIn Company Page

- Twitter


- The Record

- The Cronicle

- The Grand


- Exchange Magazine


- Bench Advertising

- Bus & Taxi Advertising

- Billboards

- Wall Murals


- 570 News

- 105.3 Kool FM

- 96.7 CHYM FM

- 1090 CKKW Oldies

- 107.5 DAVE FM

- 106 KIXX FM

- 91.5 The Beat

- 94.3 FAITH FM


- Rogers Cable 20 Waterloo Region



- Email Marketing

- Direct Mail Letters

- Direct Mail Post Cards

- Variable Printing Direct Mail

- Telemarketing


- website SEO

- Mobile Device App

- SMS Text Advertising

- Intrigue Media

- Yellow Pages

- Guerrilla Marketing

- PR


And this list is only a partial list of all the marketing options available to a small business owner in Waterloo. Having a process to help determine which activities to invest behind can be very useful. Watch the above video to view an example of a process you could use.

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I hope you have enjoyed watching this video on Waterloo marketing options.