Average Sales Cycle

The average sales cycle for B2B businesses was found to be the following


Less then 1 month = 10% of businesses

1 to 3 months = 30% of businesses

4 to 6 months = 24% of businesses

7 to 12 months = 26% of businesses

More then 1 year = 10% of businesses

Source: 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report


So that means most likely your sales cycle should be between 1 to 12 months if you are a B2B business. If it is longer then this it means you are either doing something wrong or operate in a unique industry like selling nuclear reactors. On the other hand if your sales cycle is a month or less you either operate in a quick sale industry like web hosting or you have an extremely successful sales model. Although the above metrics are not perfect, they can act as somewhat of a benchmark for how effective your sales cycle is.

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