How TikTok Marketing Can Benefit Law Firms?


The social media landscape is a potential gold mine for bringing in clients, analyzing your competitors, and boosting your reputation online.

71% of lawyers currently source their clients from social media, with 43% lacking a firm marketing budget. Many law firms want to invest in TikTok marketing, as it’s a media platform that attracts thousands of users a day.

If videography and animation are part of your content creation strategy, you should be exploring the potential of TikTok for legal marketing.

In this article, we will examine why you need TikTok for your branding and how law firms are currently using this platform to generate success through various examples. Well, what are you waiting for? Click on each corresponding link to jump ahead:

  1. Do You Need TikTok for Branding?
  2. How Are Law Firms Using TikTok Marketing?

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1. Do You Need TikTok for Branding?

Having a TikTok account for your law firm will improve your brand image. 


In the legal landscape, both Instagram and TikTok are perfect for initiating brand awareness and generating fresh, new leads. The platforms also allow you to repurpose content. As long as you’re consistently delivering content, you can gain more followers.

TikTok is an excellent media platform for a law firm to reach more customers, especially when targeting millennials and Gen Zers (between the ages of 15 and 35). As a result, it has an outstanding organic reach that helps make new connections.

Most lawyers create a branded channel in their practice area. For instance, this could be in the form of a hit-and-run channel with specific video content around personal injury cases. 

Additionally, some legal experts may partner with a famous TikTok influencer to grow their network of followers and increase their online presence and brand awareness. 

While advertising is great for a law firm, it’s a short-term solution that doesn’t ensure absolute credibility in your legal field. Creating fresh content will help you achieve topical authority. Once you become a trusted source of information, you can connect with your target audience at a faster pace. 

Here’s why you need TikTok for legal branding:


A) Grow More Leads

TikTok is a viable platform for lead generation because it helps you connect with potential clients, especially those who provide feedback in the comment section. You can grow your network of followers and receive referrals from past clients. By answering relevant queries on social media posts, you can connect with potential leads in real time.  

Another great way of using TikTok for lead generation is campaign marketing. A successful TikTok campaign can:

  • Increase conversions
  • Drive web traffic
  • Help you tailor messages to attract a potential target audience on the web

For example, perhaps your objective is to educate and inform TikTok users about legal rights, share helpful legal tips, and establish the law firm as a trusted source of information. In this case, you can create a series of TikToks aimed towards this campaign. 


B) Become a Topical Expert

Film original and authentic videos regularly. 


To achieve topical authority over your area of expertise in law, it’s essential you deliver content frequently that’s consistent with your brand's overall tone and voice. 

To achieve this, you can film original and authentic videos based on upcoming trends. The timing of the video posts should be accurate, and the topics you cover should focus on sub-topics surrounding your subject matter. 

Keep in mind that you should analyze the video for:

  • Grammatical
  • Formatting
  • Tonality errors

When styling and editing the video, you must verify all facts mentioned in the script before posting.


C) Build Brand Awareness

Once you’ve created a business account on TikTok, you can link your website directly on the platform. The more credible information you post, the more traffic you’ll receive.

It’s essential to build a trustworthy and authoritative profile on your subject matter. This will help you direct traffic to your website as more and more followers view your content daily. You can even add a description to explain what services your law firm provides and other details about your area of expertise.


D) Humanize the Brand

Create personable content regularly to humanize your brand.


"Humanizing the brand" on TikTok involves presenting the law firm as more than just a legal entity. It's about giving the firm a human touch, making it relatable, and approachable, and fostering a connection with the audience. Here's how law firms can achieve this on TikTok:

  • Showcase unique personalities 
  • Highlight daily operations 
  • Share interesting stories 
  • Address frequently asked questions 
  • Express your values and mission

This approach helps establish a connection with the audience, making the firm more relatable and fostering trust among potential clients.


2. How Are Law Firms Using TikTok Marketing?

TikTok is about more than just posting a short video clip of your business. For lawyers, the platform is ideal for representing a local brand or a small independent team. The more authentic content you produce, the more users will subscribe to your channel.

Most TikTok users spend an average of 1.5 hours daily on the app. Sourcing your target audience from this social media platform and converting them into potential leads is part of a successful legal marketing strategy that delivers candid content.

Here are some ways in which you can use TikTok for marketing your law firm:


A) Collaborate With a TikTok Influencer

Working with a TikTok influencer from the legal industry can help shed light on your experience and skills as a lawyer or provide credible insight into your business. For instance, you can shoot a podcast with a credible judge to shed light on a potential case related to your area of expertise in law. You can collaborate with one of your younger lawyers who already has a lot of followers, you’d be surprised just how popular some of your team members are! Such collaborations will bring in more viewers and feedback that you can use to your benefit.

Here is an example of an influence collaboration:

 Click on the video above to watch.


When connecting with potential influencers, you must pick famous creators who understand your company’s culture and values. Such a collaboration can:

  • Boost leads
  • Improve your ROI
  • Increase brand awareness

You can choose between macro and micro-influencers depending on the extent of your outreach program.

While macro-influencers attract diverse audiences, micro-influencers focus on a niche market and provide better engagement with the brand. So, if your marketing goal is to generate more leads in the legal space, go with niche influencers, but if you want to expand your target market, get in touch with a macro influencer to ensure brand awareness.

For instance, you can share a unique coupon with every influencer you collaborate with to incentivize the target audience. A direct result of this strategy is that it helps convert interested clients into potential leads.


B) Create Authentic TikTok videos

When you’re exploring TikTok, choose the kind of trend you want to be part of as long as it relates to your area of expertise. It’s important to decide the type of video to make and design an effective UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) to impart information. Most TikTok videos focus on sounds and impressions to add an extra oomph to the visuals.  

Here is an example of an authentic TikTok video:

Click on the video above to watch.


You must connect the trend to the legal industry so you can create content around a focused niche in your geographic area. You can experiment with a personal vlog and record a ‘day in the life of a lawyer’ video or provide more leadership content in the form of one-on-one interviews with:

  • Legal authorities
  • Public figures
  • Influencers

You must be creative while designing the layout and narration of the video. When shooting one, always save your attempts in the Drafts section. You can add enhancements and effects to your video or edit the length of the video at your convenience. While editing the video, just add a smart caption or a synopsis and hit publish.


C) Provide Legal Education and Tips

Law firms can use TikTok to share quick legal tips on a variety of subjects. These tips should be:

  • Concise
  • Easy to understand
  • Address common concerns that the audience may have

For example, a family law firm might provide tips on navigating child custody arrangements during divorce. 

Here is an example of a TikTok video demonstrating tips: 

Click on the video above to watch.


You can also break down complex legal terminology into simple and digestible explanations. This helps demystify legal jargon for the audience, making it more accessible. For instance, a personal injury law firm might create videos explaining terms like "negligence" or "compensation. 

You can even provide brief overviews of common legal processes to give viewers a better understanding of what to expect. This could include explanations of the steps involved in:

  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Obtaining a restraining order
  • Creating a will

Ultimately, the possibilities are endless! 


D) Showcase Behind-the-Scenes Content 

Showing behind-the-scenes footage of the law firm, featuring lawyers at work, or giving a glimpse into the daily operations helps humanize the brand and creates a more approachable image.

Here is an example of a TikTok that humanizes the brand:

Click on the video above to watch.


You could capture candid moments that reflect the atmosphere and culture of the law firm's office. This could include:

  • Team meetings
  • Collaboration sessions
  • Casual interactions among colleagues

Highlight the positive aspects of the work environment to create a favourable impression 

You could even feature individual team members in short videos where they:

  • Introduce themselves
  • Share their roles within the firm
  • Highlight their areas of expertise

This humanizes the professionals behind the legal services and makes the firm more approachable.


If you own a law firm and are interested in improving your brand image and overall awareness, contact us today! We are the marketing experts!