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Here at Profitworks, we focus on digital marketing Waterloo, Ontario and beyond with a view to driving strong revenue growth for our clients. Business owners of all sizes are continually assessing how to invest their marketing dollars. Whether you choose digital marketing or more traditional methods, you want to be assured that you will see a positive impact on your sales results.

Effective digital marketing can go a long way towards generating consistent sales leads, and our team of SEO experts specializes in making our clients' websites climb to the top of Google rankings. As a result, your company gains valuable digital visibility, and potential customers are more likely to turn to you to meet their needs.



Why You Need Digital Marketing Waterloo

Without a digital marketing presence, it's way to easy for your business to get lost in the sea of competition. The right strategy can help you stand out from the rest.

Here are three main consequences of not having a digital marketing strategy:


1. You're cutting yourself off from an important lead stream

Simply put, without a concrete digital marketing plan, you are missing out on inbound digital leads for your business. Fewer leads means fewer sales.

Your website can be a powerful tool, but you need to know how to maximize it.


2. A failure to plan is a plan to fail

This old adage is prescient when it comes to digital marketing. Setting clear goals is proven to make a big difference when it comes to successful businesses. 

Without a digital marketing plan, for example, you may not know how many people are visiting your website on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, and you're therefore unable to pinpoint your website's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to generating leads and sales.

A team of SEO specialists can employ specific tasks in order to increase your success rate and achieve your goals.


3. You will fall behind the competition

By ignoring the need to employ various digital marketing strategies, you're opening the door for your competition to gain a larger market share. 

Consumers are very savvy these days, and the look and functionality of your website can attract or turn off potential customers. Not only that, but online reviews are crucial in terms of building trust.

For more, listen to our podcast on why it's important to regularly review website metrics.



Digital Marketing Waterloo: Why Using a Local Company Is Best

You could get your digital marketing done by any SEO company located anywhere around the province, country or even worldwide. However, if your company is based in the Waterloo area, it is beneficial to hire a local digital marketing company.

Familiarity with the local area: A local digital marketing company will be very familiar with your target audience. They will know what works and what doesn't work to attract them to your business because they know and understand the people in your region.

Face-to-face interactions: You will also have the advantage of being able to have in-person meetings. They will have the opportunity to visit your physical location and therefore get a better sense of how you operate, what you offer, and who you are.

Photo opportunities: High-quality images are extremely important in digital marketing. A local company can also take local pictures of your facility, employees, and products to use in your campaigns.
 Digital marketing Waterloo: Discover the advantage of working with a local company.

Digital Marketing Kitchener: What Are Your Options

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)





Google Ads

  • Boost your business to the first page of search results
  • Quick fix for lagging traffic and sales leads



Email Marketing


  • One of the lowest cost forms of marketing
  • Builds relationships with your customers who agree to sign up
  • Can help to educate your target market about your product or service


  • Takes time to expertly create captivating content
  • Time commitment to execute quality emails on a regular basis


Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin


  • Intentionally target your relevant demographics
  • Build your brand awareness
  • Inspire customers to buy
  • Access data and analytics to make improvements along the way


  • Creation of quality content requires expertise
  • Must develop experience to know how to use your marketing dollars effectively
  • Could waste a lot of money on ads if you are not sure about what you are doing
  • Need to be able to understand and use data and analytics to your advantage 




  • Great way to boost social media marketing
  • Effective videos can go viral
  • Producing quality videos takes hard work, planning, creativity
  • Can be expensive to produce quality videos
  • Takes time to build up a following


Local Radio

  • More affordable than TV advertising
  • Large reach
  • Lack of visual appeal
  • Many listeners change stations during ads
  • Difficult to assess effectiveness


Online Newspapers


  • Trusted form of media
  • Reach a local audience
  • Mobile access


  • Erosion of readership
  • Many online news outlets now have paywalls
  • Expensive

Digital Marketing Waterloo: Profitworks can get you the results you need.


Digital Marketing Kitchener: Profitworks can get you the results you need

Profitworks provides SEO services, website conversion optimization services, and email marketing services with a focus on making our customers the leaders in the markets they operate in.

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