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Your logo and website should reflect your brand. This is important to increase your business’ growth. This is a must, regardless if you’re a small company or a big enterprise. This is where graphic design comes in.

Graphic design is a way for graphic designers to convey their ideas through visuals and design. They may use computers or tablets to create these unique designs as how a painter needs his brush to create amazing artwork.

Whether you look at a website or an application, graphic design is there. It is all around us. But why does it matter?

Graphic Design Matters

Graphic design is mainly used for effective marketing. It is involved in creating different marketing materials such as flyers, posters, banners, brochures, and many more. Establishing your logo and overall design is also a part of it.

Websites, mobile applications, and social media pages also use graphic design. It does not just enhance the appearance of your promotions and advertisements. It helps convey your message properly to your customers

Importance of Graphic Design in Business

We all want our businesses to stand out from our competitors. In short, we want to be distinct in this competitive world. But how can we do that?

Here are some benefits of graphic designing in helping your business grow:

1. Leaves a positive first impression


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When you see a familiar logo, you know that it is that company’s brand without even seeing the company name, right? This is what graphic design does for your business. People can easily recognize your brand, even just by looking at your logo.

If your logo is unique and interesting, customers can get attracted to your business. But if it is boring and unrelated to your business, customers may turn away. The first impression lasts, so your logo must display what you want your customers to think of your brand.

The Starbucks’ Siren logo, for example, is one of the most prominent logos in the world. Anyone who sees the logo can quickly tell that it’s a Starbucks logo, even without seeing its name. It has been in the market since 1971. Because of this, people can associate this logo with great coffee which is now being enjoyed by people for over 50 years.

2. Establishes communication and connection

Graphic design plays a big part in establishing communication and connection to your customers. If you don’t use any attractive images or videos, you will not be able to convey your message properly.

People only notice what they find interesting. If they only see a bunch of texts in your message, your message will be ignored. But if you show them images with vibrant colors and attractive designs, they will show interest.

Infographics have become popular because they are of high quality. Plus, they have a good balance of text and images. So most businesses use infographics to relay their message to their customers. This is to prevent explaining everything in lengthy words.

3. Creates a brand identity and image


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Another role of graphic design in your business is to set up your brand’s identity and image. Your logo should show what your business is about. It is how you will be viewed by your customers.

Thus, you must have a clear mission and vision. They should reflect your business’s purpose, goals, and values. All of these should be considered when creating your logo and overall design. After all, you cannot just change your logo. It will stay with you for a long time and it will be your company’s trademark.

The Ordinary’s logo, for example, has made a unique idea in choosing their name. Choosing the word “Ordinary” may have been a risky move for them, but it got the attention of people. It made people interested in their brand, which is clearly what they wanted. Because of this, “The Ordinary” brand became extraordinary.

4. Builds trust and credibility

If your brand identity and image exude professionalism, it will build your customer’s trust and credibility in your business. This is also true even for potential customers. It will not only leave a good impression but will also leave a long-lasting partnership.

It is difficult to build your credibility in this era where every mistake or bad review can be posted on social media. If this happens, your credibility will suffer. Thus, it will reflect badly on your sales. Businesses that have been in the market for a long time know how to keep their reputation.


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Dove is a Unilever product that’s one of the most trusted brands according to a survey. Their ad campaigns are different from other beauty products. Instead of imposing to the public that fair and smooth skin is beautiful, their brand strategy focuses on how to make women feel comfortable in their skin.

If you notice their print and digital ads they use high-quality images and videos that aren’t digitally altered to look “perfect”. And as for their logo, they kept it simple and clean as well as all the other digital elements they use for graphic design. This makes people focus on the women featured in the ads more than the brand itself. This makes it a clever strategy that earned the trust of millions of people worldwide.

5. Tells a story


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Did you know that an image can even tell a story? Another role of graphic design in your business is to tell a story, even without words. It is when an image can properly relay your message to your customers. More so, if it is a story of your product or service. A good story captures your potential customer’s attention. Everyone loves stories, so it is another way to get more customers.

Heineken’s logo, for example, has a red star in its logo. It has been used by brewers since the Middle Ages. It symbolizes the beer’s main ingredients, such as water, barley, hops, yeast, and their secret ingredient. But it has gone through so many changes because of World War II and the end of the Soviet Union. From a black-bordered star, it turned to a red star, then a red-bordered star, and back to a red star. It has been telling us a story since 1864.

6. Breaks language barriers

Even without words, you should be able to sell your product. But how can you achieve that?

Use meaningful graphic designs! If you are trying to reach international customers, you should be able to communicate with them through images. This is because not everyone speaks English. So it’s best to use a universal language that everyone knows. Graphic design can help you achieve that.




Coca-Cola made a clever decision when they decided to design a unique logo for their brand. Anywhere you go around the world, the brand “Coca-Cola” doesn’t need any translation. When people see the delicate curves and swirls with the color scheme of red and white, it immediately screams the brand. It also helped that they have a signature tune and their ads always depict friendship and family relationships. Because of this, Coca-Cola has become a household name all around the world.

7. Gets higher conversions

The most important role of graphic design is to get higher conversions. What does that mean? It means that when you have high visibility in the market, it can turn into higher sales. But how? This is when you have established effective graphic design for your business. You will be surprised to see that potential customers will turn into your customers!




Slack’s ad shows a woman riding a pony with a rainbow, some stars, and clouds in the background. When you see this ad, it can immediately catch anyone’s attention. Despite the lack of realistic touches, the ad depicts the feelings of business professionals when they don’t need to sit down in countless meetings. This image is a perfect way to increase conversions as it’s an entertaining piece showing solutions to real-life problems.

Final Words

Graphic design has a huge impact on your business’ growth. If you have effective graphic designs, it will have a positive outcome for your business. It can turn your business around once you have managed to use it efficiently.

Remember, graphic design can:

  • Leave a positive first impression
  • Establish communication and connection
  • Create a brand identity and image
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Tell a story

So it is up to you how you will utilize graphic design to your advantage. Thus, make sure to hire the best graphic designers out there if you want to grow your business even more!


Guest Post Author: Dan Martin 



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