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Google AdWords Support Kitchener

Given that 86% of consumers use the internet to find businesses in their area, Google AdWords is one of the most profitable forms of digital advertising to support your Kitchener business. To run a successful Google AdWords strategy isn't as easy as it seems, though. It requires effective campaign management, optimization of your AdWords dollars, conversions to make it worth your while, and reporting to refine your strategy.

Looking for the best Google AdWords Support in Kitchener? Look no further than Profitworks. Our goal is to make your company the market leader through website traffic and website optimization services, providing a positive return on investment for your business.

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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords allow businesses to advertise online by bidding for keywords. By bidding, advertisers hope to have their clickable ads appear in Google search results, generating more traffic and conversions for their company. 

Google AdWords Search Results vs Organic Results
Google AdWords Search Results for Flights vs. Organic Results

In the above example, it's clear why investing in Google AdWords is beneficial for your Kitchener business. For the keyword "flights",  the top three search results are paid ads, denoted with a green "Ad" icon beside each URL. The organic search results are displayed below these ads, making users less likely to see or click on them.

Now that you understand what Google AdWords are and why they're important, you may be wondering what the benefits of hiring a team of marketing experts to offer Google AdWords support are. Here are four of the main reasons to consider going external.

1. Google AdWords Support Kitchener: Campaign Management

Whether you’ve yet to make your company account or you’ve already tried your hand at Google AdWords, Profitworks can help your Kitchener business succeed through regular campaign management. By curating a strategy specifically for your business, we’ll walk you through the process of determining what keywords to bid on, where to allocate your dollars, and how to interpret results for better decision making.

Google AdWords Campaign Management
Hire campaign support for Google AdWords in Kitchener.

2. Google AdWords Support Kitchener: Optimization of AdWords Dollars

When it comes to Google AdWords, success can’t be compared or measured on a dollar-to-dollar basis. Instead, it takes thorough research to determine how to best communicate what you’re offering, how to distinguish your brand from those of competitors, and how to put yourself in the shoes of your target. It’s critical that your business invests in the process of strategizing your Google Ads. Otherwise, your advertising dollars may be wasted. Research and strategizing are two key processes for the team at Profitworks: we ensure that your business spends money on the right keywords at the right times.

3. Google AdWords Support Kitchener: Clicks < Conversions

What often makes the difference between a successful Google AdWords campaign and a poor one is the end-goal of the marketer: clicks or conversions. While clicks are a fantastic benchmark of your campaign’s success, they don’t make you more profitable. What your business should strive for in any advertising campaign is an increase in conversions. Creating a high-converting advertisement takes knowledgeable experts with experience in not only identifying the right keywords but also the psychology of how an ad should be worded, structured, and placed on the results page. These are the factors that will determine what will drive casual browsers to become paying customers.

iphonegoogleProfitworks creates intentional advertisements so that users not only see your content, but want to click through as well.

4. Google AdWords Support Kitchener: Analyzing and Reporting Results 

Posting your Google AdWords ad is half of the battle. The next, equally as important, step in the process is to analyze the results of your campaign and measure it against the goals you determined beforehand. These results will ensure that your brand is able to determine the return on investment for the campaign, as well as make informed decisions about how to best approach the next campaign. At Profitworks, results drive every decision we make. Not sure what your data is telling you? Let our marketing experts figure it out.

Google AdWords Support Analyzing Results
Profitworks can provide Google AdWords support in Kitchener by analyzing results.

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