Quizzes tick all the boxes when it comes to interactive, fun content that will get you closer to your target audience and help generate sales leads. In this article, we look at the 7 things you should be doing to ensure a high completion rate and quality lead generation.

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Now let's dig in for a deeper look at today's topic.


7 Tips For Creating Quizzes That Will Generate Sales Leads

If you aren’t including quizzes as part of your social media marketing plan yet, what are you waiting for? Rising to popularity in the early 2010s, one of the first quizzes to go viral (and make Buzzfeed synonymous with quizzes) is What City Should You Actually Live In? which garnered a whopping 20 million views in the first 3 months.

Since then, we’ve seen almost every type of company with every type of audience harness the power of the quiz, which lends itself to everything a marketer looks for in content - personalization, social sharing power, and lead generation.

The average quiz has a 31.6% lead capture rate, and there are many impressive case studies out there to back this up. Bourbon and Boots, an American lifestyle brand, generated 35,752 leads and doubled their sales in just 3 weeks using quizzes.



 Here are our top 7 tips for creating a successful quiz:


 1. Generate sales leads by hooking them with the title

With so much content out there, one of a marketer’s biggest challenges is capturing the attention of your audience. When it comes to quizzes, it’s all about the title. 

We are egotistical creatures by nature; we search for validation, and we love hearing about ourselves and are constantly searching for ways to self-categorize. It’s why the Barnum Effect works, and why quizzes that tap into that part of our psyche are successful. It’s simple: make it about the reader.

You can do this in a couple of ways:


Personality quiz

Buzzfeed does these very well, and you may have seen personality quizzes with titles like “Which Harry Potter house would you be in?” but they aren’t confined to just a B2C (business to consumer) audience. They can be effective in B2B (business to business) marketing campaigns, as seen with “What kind of marketer are you?”. Titles can also follow a pattern of “are you a [blank]?" 

This works because of the need for us to categorize ourselves. We like hearing what ‘box’ we fit into, and hearing about its special qualities. Create a snappy title that taps into the insecurities or challenges your target audience might be facing.


Test style quiz

Test style quizzes are also a good way of capturing attention. We want to feel like we know our stuff and chase the feeling that comes with getting top marks. 

Capture your audience’s attention by challenging them to prove they have the knowledge. 


(Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/247564)


2. The easier the better

Quizzes and surveys have an average completion rate of 57%. Once you’ve reeled in your audience with a provoking title, the next step is getting them through the quiz and ensuring they complete it.  

 Here’s how you can improve your results:

  • Keep it short and snappy. People like quizzes because they’re a quick form of entertainment. If it’s taking too long to get to the end, or the questions and responses are taking a while to read, it’s likely your audience will drop off. 6-10 questions are about right, giving you enough information to provide a response, but not boring your respondents.
  • Don’t overcomplicate. Remember that quizzes are meant to be fun, so the lighter the content, the better. 
  • One question at a time. Seeing a long list of questions can be daunting and may put the quiz-taker off. By presenting just one question at a time, you simplify things. This also works by making your quiz feel more human and conversational.


 3. Ask relevant questions to help generate sales leads

An important step in all successful marketing campaigns is research into your target audience. Really getting to know who they are, what their challenges are, and what kind of information they are looking for will really help you create content that captures their attention.

Think of questions that tap into important topics within their industry right now or challenges they are currently facing. The more relevant your quiz feels the more invested your audience will be and the more likely they are to chase the outcome.



4. Make your quiz beautiful

It goes without saying that the content you put in front of your audience should be as pleasant to look at as possible. 

68% say good design is important to their content viewing experience whilst 38% will stop engaging altogether if the content is unattractive in its layout or imagery. (Adobe State of Content report)

This doesn’t mean you have to carve out a budget for a snazzy developer and designer. There are quiz tools out there that allow you a lot of flexibility when it comes to design or have pre-made templates to make things even easier. 

When looking for a quiz tool, make sure you find something that is fully mobile-optimized and looks great on all devices. 


(Source: https://www.typeform.com/templates/t/digital-marketing-quiz/)



5. The all-important data-capture

You can make your quiz as beautiful, fun and easy to get through as possible, but without data capture, you are missing the opportunity to collect quality leads.

The best place for your data capture form is after the questions and before the outcome. Nobody likes gated content, but we’re happy to make a trade-off when it comes to providing your information for something in return. 

In this case, you’re taking advantage of that need to finish a task and reach the end. Otherwise known as the sunk-cost fallacy, if you can get your respondents to the end of the quiz, they’re more likely to give you their details in return for the outcome (rather than giving up before they get the results).

To make this as compelling as possible, keep your form as short and simple as possible.


(Source: https://app.kuia.com/q/56c51384a8dcdc4ae1208979)



6. Making that data work to generate sales leads

So, you’ve got the data, but what are you going to do with it? 

 When finding a quiz tool, look for one that integrates with the systems you use to manage data and send emails. This will make it easier for your marketing and sales teams to use all your new data to your advantage. Your next email marketing campaign can be full of personalization and information specific to the interests of your new contacts.



7. “Can you make it go viral?”

If you worked in a marketing agency in the early 2010s, this request might make you groan. While we know there’s no magic wand, quizzes do have the ability to capture people’s attention and have some strong social sharing power.

I’m not going to tell you how to make your quiz go viral, but there are things you can do to make your quiz optimized for social sharing to increase the likelihood of this happening. Your outcome page is crucial here. It’s what’s going to make your respondents share with their social media networks and compel others to take part too. 

  • The image should be high quality and interesting, the outcome name should be snappy and fun and the description that comes with it needs to be relevant to your audience and to the point.
  • Include social sharing buttons to make it even easier for it to be shared.
  • Share the quiz on your own social media pages and encourage people to leave a comment with their outcomes. This gives people a taste of what to expect and fuels that fear of missing out (FOMOfeeling.

The secret to a high completion rate and generating leads? It’s all about making it simple, fun and relevant to your audience.


(Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/sydrobinson1/everyones-personality-has-a-color-palette-whats-yours)


Author bio: Alex Birch is the SEO Manager at Typeform. Lover of all things marketing & search. Originally from Manchester, UK but now enjoying life in sunny Barcelona.  


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