Why Don't Prospective Customers Want To Buy From You?

When trying to generate customers we often think about marketing a message that will make them want to buy from us, but sometimes a more effective question is why don't prospective customers want to buy from you.


Or phrased another way.....


What are you doing to make customers not want to work with you?


If you can answer this question and remove the reasons prospective customers don't want to work with you, you will experience an influx of new customers. Sometimes this does not even require you to change anything you are doing but to simply address prospective customers hesitations or uncertainties about your business. For example if you are an internet service provider prospective customers may not want to work with you because they are unsure how stable your internet service is and are concerned about down time. You might have the best up time in the industry but if you are a small unknown company, your prospective customers will probably not be too sure about the quality of your service. In this case you would want to communicate your up time metrics in all your sales and marketing activities to remove this barrier from prospective customers selecting you as their supplier. With this barrier removed and prospective customers knowing they will actually get better uptime the amount of new customers you would get would probably go through the roof.


You can also use this question to review your current customer base and work on your customer retention.....before you lose customers. Thinking about all of the reasons your current customers would not want to work with you. Think about all of the things you are doing that they don't like. Think about all of the things you are doing that may make them want to go to another supplier. Once you have a list for each of these items you have a golden key to ensure you have an amazing customer retention rate.


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I hope this question of "What you are doing to make prospective customers not want to work with you?" thought provoking. I know when I heard this question it made me think very differently about how to attract new customers for my own business and my customers. Do you have comments or feedback on this blog? Contact me as I love to get reader feedback. Just put "Blog Feedback" in the subject line of your email to ensure it gets to me.