Largest Companies In Waterloo and Kitchener

Based on some research I have done, here is a list of the top 10 companies in Kitchener - Waterloo by revenue as of December 31, 2010. This list estimates revenues for which current data was not available.


To qualify the criteria for this list the company' head office must be located in Waterloo Region. For example Google would not qualify for the list even though they have an office in Kitchener as Google's head office is in Mountain View, California.


Largest Companies In Waterloo And Kitchener By Annual Revenues


1. Manualife Financial = $37.6 Billion

2. Research In Motion = $18.4 Billion

3. Home Hardware = $4.8 Billion (1)

4. Economical Insurance = $3.6 Billion (2)

5. Open Text = $0.9 Billion ($928 Million)

6. ATS Automation Tooling Systems = $0.5 Billion ($488 Million)

7. Dare Foods = $0.3 Billion (3)

8. Com Dev International = $0.2 Billion ($221 Million)

9. Dalsa = $0.2 Billion ($212 Million)

10. Sandvine = $0.1 Billion ($93 Million)



1. 2007 figure from and article found at

2. Estimate provided by Reference Group

3. Estimate based on number of employees at over 1,300


Given the sheer size of the above companies they can offer great revenue opportunities for any local small business. The key is having a strategy to get in with these large companies. Securing them as a customer will take a different approach then most of your other customers. What I have found to be most successful with these types of companies is using your contacts and referrals to get in contact with the right person and email marketing. Once you have the right person that would be responsible for buying from you I put them on your email list. They will most likely not be willing to take a call from you but they may on occasion look at an email from you. If they continue to read your marketing emails there is a good chance they will contact you at some point for a quote or even just give you the job.


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I hope you have found this list of the largest companies in waterloo and kitchener helpful. If you have feedback on my writing or have a particular topic you would like me to write on just use our contact us from.