Website blocker software is important in many ways. Business owners, schools and governments use them on private networks or open Wi-Fi networks.

You can also use website blocker software to hinder your child from accessing specific web content even when you're not at home. Contact Profitworks for more information.

Now let's take a look at some of the top options.


Top Rated Website Blocker Software

How does a website blocker work?

Website blocker software allows you to see all the sites visited. As such, it's useful for parents who wish to track their kid's movements while using the internet. If protecting your children from inappropriate online content is important to you, check out this article by Shauli Zacks.  


What are the advantages of using website blocker software?

The internet contains a lot of information, and some apps may not be suitable for your child. A website blocker enables you to bar addictive sites or those containing unsuitable content. You can set time limits to control the time used with the device, and this lessens the risk of getting addicted to the device.

A website blocker software hinders kids from exploring and accessing unsuitable content which they may come across while online. It also enables you to watch your kid's activities when you're away from home.

If you notice that your child tries to access restricted websites using their phone, there are many ways to prevent this from happening in the future. 


What is the best blocking software?

While there are different website blocker software options available, some work really well for filtering offensive websites.



FamiSafe is a reliable tool excellent for parents. It allows users to filter websites from only the target device. It comes with many features to track all activities on your child's device. It not only blocks unsuitable websites but also tracks any suspicious texts.

What are the best features of the FamiSafe software?

-Permits users to sift unwanted websites and control internet usage

-Tracks the location of the device as well as the location history

-It has a web filtering feature which allows you to sift useful information

-You can use it to set a screen time limit on your kid's phone

-It notifies parents once a kid receives or sends a suspicious message 


Net Nanny

Net Nanny is the best website blocking software for windows 10. It's an affordable and safe tool for parents who wish to block sites containing harmful information. Besides, it features the best web filtering characteristics. With Net Nanny, you can easily watch, manage content, and also access all web pages remotely. It features 18 filtering categories and permits you to limit access to unsuitable websites containing pornographic, drugs, alcohol, and suicide-related material.

What are Net Nanny's best features?

-Web filtering

-Masking of vulgar words from websites

-Remote access to a child's device

-Email alerts about the device's activities online

-Access to both received and sent messages

-Can set time limits

-Full control over the target device's online activities.



Qustodio is a parental control app and a website blocker app. It's user-friendly and secure, making it one of the best web filtering software options. It features unique monitoring tools to block adult content and limit screen time as well as games.

With this app, you can easily access GPS location, and it's compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.

With the Qustodio software, you can easily set time limits on a device, app, and internet usage. You can also obstruct unwanted websites or content, monitor web searches and activities and manage devices for kids of multiple ages. 



Freedom software blocks not only unwanted websites but also the entire internet. You can easily download the freedom app and use it to block the internet and plan other block sessions. You can even design unlimited blocklists. It prevents kids from terminating the block session thanks to its "locked mode."



Mobicip is a handy parental control app for parents who wish to monitor their kids' activity online. It's compatible with a wide range of devices including iOS, Windows PC, Android, Mac OS and Chromebook. It supports you to filter web content for your child, filters apps, and reviews the browsing history. Moreover, you can limit app time and set a schedule for your child's profile. 



It may not be feasible to completely bar your kid from using the internet, but with quality website blocker software, you can easily filter inappropriate websites, mask vulgar words, and set time limits to help keep them safe.


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