With the demand for construction companies on the rise, the competition is getting tougher and tougher. The majority of construction business owners have already realized the importance of digital marketing, of which SEO (search engine optimization) is a key part.

SEO allows the company to become highly visible for its potential clients. Getting to the top spots of the search engine results is an excellent way to attract the target audience and outrun the competition - contact us today to learn more.

In this article, we’ll share the top SEO tips for construction companies to consider and use today.




Top 5 SEO Tips For Construction Companies


1. Learn Who Your Target Audience Is

Any marketing effort starts with evaluating the target audience. SEO is hardly an exception. To ensure you achieve the best results, you need to know as much as possible about who your potential clients are and which problems they need solving.

A great way to identify your target audience is to create a fictional buyer persona. This persona is your ideal customer. While you are developing this character, you can acquire important information you may have missed before.

Ask yourself several questions about your ideal customer. They can help you get an excellent picture of who you should be targeting.

  • What are the demographic parameters?
  • How educated is the person?
  • What profession is the client likely to have?
  • How big is the company the client works for?
  • Which industry does the company belong to?
  • What is the likely job title?
  • Who does the person report to and who reports to them?
  • What are the required skills for the person’s job?
  • Which tools/software/educational materials do they use?
  • What is the biggest challenge the person faces?
  • How does the person learn new information?
  • Which blogs, forums, social media accounts are they likely to follow?
  • How do they search for information?

It’s important to do plenty of research to answer these questions. It’s likely that the marketing team has already done a part of it. If you need a marketing partner, here's how to find the best one.


Ask yourself several questions about your ideal customer. 



2. Explore Backlinking

Another one of the top SEO tips for construction companies is backlinking. It's one of the most important factors for search engine optimization. With links pointing to your website, you can get to the top spots of search engine results much faster than without them. You can look at backlinks as votes for your website’s popularity. The more links to your website that appear on other sources, the higher you are likely to rank in the SERPs.

The key to backlinking is knowing how to do it naturally. Any forced ways to get such links are likely to be discovered by Google shortly.


3. Create a Content Strategy

Everyone knows that content is king. For SEO, it’s both the king and the queen. For a successful SEO campaign, you need to come up with a content strategy. The strategy should include content creation and delivery. It’s worth noting that to achieve excellent results, you don’t need to create tons of content. Today, the focus should be on value.

Meanwhile, you should turn the attention slightly away from the website. Your site doesn’t have to be packed with text. Use the valuable content you create to promote your construction business off-site. For example, make guest posts, use social media, arrange webinars, and the like.

The quality and value of content count tremendously. These days, Google has powerful filters that can send your website to the lowest position if you use unapproved approaches to content creation. Meanwhile, you can never climb to the highest spots without bringing value to the people visiting your website.




4. Do In-Depth Keyword Research

According to experts from Miromind, in-depth construction keyword search is an integral part of an SEO strategy. Here are a few excellent tips to follow when doing a keyword search.

  • Consider the target audience – remember your ideal client persona and think about which words he or she may be searching for.
  • Make a list - start making a list of all keywords while brainstorming. You may forget important keywords in the process.
  • Different keywords for each page – make sure to use different keywords for each page. Google sees all the pages on your website as the same page. Stuffing them with keywords may make your website look fraudulent.
  • Don’t overdo it – too many keywords could damage your reputation and make your text unreadable. All keywords must fit the content smoothly without sounding forced. A reader shouldn’t be able to notice repetitive keywords in your text. Run the content by someone to make sure the text flows smoothly.
  • Don’t be too unique – while unique search phrases are nice since they can put you ahead of the competition, keywords that are too unique may not work at all.



Ideally, the keyword search should be done by experts. However, these days, numerous keyword search tools exist for amateurs to take advantage of.



5. Optimize for Lead and Sales Generation

Once your efforts attract people to your website, you have to work hard to keep them there. Your website must be optimized for calls to customer leads and sales. Catching the client’s attention isn’t enough. You should help the person stay interested in your services.

Make sure to ask for contact information for each visitor on the website who stays there long enough to appear engaged. Even if the visitors don't immediately convert to clients, you can get the contact details for further marketing efforts.

Meanwhile, conversion rate optimization can help you get higher spots on the search engine results page and bring more and more clients to your doorstep.

According to contractors from AFS General Contracting, you may need to contact the potential client several times before getting a conversion since many details and discussions are involved in construction projects.


The ultimate goal of SEO for construction companies is to generate leads and sales for your business.



Taking advantage of SEO tips for construction companies is vital for their success. However, it’s important to take a smart approach to the process. From keyword search and content optimization to backlinking and conversion optimization, expertise can make a huge difference.


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