Social Media Marketing Services-The Top 7 Reasons Why to Spend That Money on Local SEO Services Instead 

In this blog article and podcast, we are going to talk about social media marketing services versus SEO marketing services. The primary goal of this content is to explain the top reasons to spend a marketing budget on SEO instead of social media. 

Organic vs social media


Executive Summary

 - SEO has higher ROI

 - Search engines are where people go to buy content, not social media

 - SEO gives a business full control of their content and advanced stat tracking/analytics

 - SEO services take up less time than social media marketing services


Sales & Marketing ROI Podcast: Episode #19

The Top 7 Reasons to Spend Money on SEO Instead of Social Media marketing. Click the link below to listen to the podcast. 

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Social Media Marketing Overview

Social Media marketing is the process of spending time and/or money on trying to gain additional traffic to one's social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The resources committed to social media marketing can almost always be diverted to SEO and vice versa. This means that SEO and Social Media should be compared with one another and the resources should be committed to whichever one is delivering the higher return on investment.


1. SEO Has Much Higher ROI

Profitworks has worked with a wide range of clients over the years from many different industries. We have found that the ROI of SEO will typically be between +200% to +275%. The social media services for those same clients typically generate at -90% ROI, meaning that the customer does not make back what they spent on social media marketing, let alone make a profit.

Note: Profitworks typically works with Business to Business clients. Business to consumer models may have slightly higher social media ROI.


2. Search Engines Are Where People Go to Buy Things.  Social Media Sites Are Not

Search engines are the shopping mall or street corner of the internet, whereas social media has more in common with a pub where friends meet. The mall and street corner are where business is done, where potential customers view businesses, investigate their products, and ultimately decide whether or not the business deserves their money. A search engine works much the same way.

If a searcher is looking for local masonry services in their city, they will likely Google their city name followed by "masonry services." The same searcher might be on social media later that night, but they typically will not spend any time on social media researching a product or service they are thinking about buying.


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3. You Have Control Of Your Website, While You Do Not Have Control Over Your Social Media Pages

Your website is your own property. You can do what you want with it and modify it as you see fit. Any advances in technology can be added to your site as time goes on and you can make changes instantly without having to wait on, or answer to anyone.

A social media page does not have this level of freedom, and at the end of the day, the social media company owns your page, not you. They technically could choose to change or delete your page at any time. In past years, Facebook changed the way company and corporate pages work, which erased years of work that businesses had done improving and cultivating their pages. There is nothing stopping another major change from happening again in the future with any social media site.

Also, in the unfortunate event of a social media site falling out of favour and ceasing to have any meaningful future impact (ex: MySpace), the hours and budget spent on improving a company’s social media presence on that site will have been wasted. If that time and money were committed to the website, all of their work would still be there, and even in the event of a major search engine going offline, all of the other search engines use very similar principles to determine the ranking of a website.


4. SEO Services Will Take Up Less of Your Time Than Social Media

SEO services can be done on a business' own time during scheduled intervals that maximize time and cost efficiency. Social media services must be done constantly and at peak hours in order for a business to stay relevant and fresh in the social scene. A blog page can draw thousands of visitors in from all over the world and stay relevant for years - continuing to draw in additional traffic during that time. A social media post will be buried in a matter of hours and never seen again by the general public or web searchers. This forces additional posts to be made on a near hourly basis.


5. SEO Has Better Tools to Understand What People Were Looking For When They Came to Your Site

One of the advantages of SEO is how it can tailor your website to exactly what your visitors are looking for. This is done by keeping track of what visitors click, how long they spend on a page, where their mouse goes and more. All of this information can then be combined in order to provide a better user experience that maximizes efficiency and satisfaction. These tools are not available on social media and the best statistics that a business can get are some demographics about their users (where they are from, pages they like etc.). On social media, a business cannot see how visitors interact with their content.  


6. Social Media Has a Risk of Negative PR, SEO Does Not

A poorly worded Facebook post or tweet can come across at best as unprofessional and at worst as rude, racist, or offensive. All of a company’s followers will see a poorly worded post just as much as they would see an excellently worded post. One poorly worded post or inappropriate statement could severely damage the brand image of your company and tank your sales. With SEO the best content rises to the top and the worst content will struggle to gain any sort of traffic at all. This means that a business will be represented by their best articles and the blog posts that convey the most information and are considered the most valuable by search engines.


7. SEO Can Feature Much More Information and Product Info

Compare an average web page to a Twitter or Facebook post. Which one has more information or more product info? The web page will typically have immeasurably more information then a twitter/facebook post, and a webpage can also utilize formatting, images, charts, graphics, and other tools in order to further maximize the amount of information that it can convey to a potential buyer. Social media at best can have a picture with a description and then a link to a webpage to learn more.


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