Sales Mistake - Avoid Losing A Sale By Not Doing What I Did

Today I made a sales mistake that cost me a sale. It was not going to be a large sale but I still do not feel very good about it because the overall experience was unpleasant and this prospect should have been an easy close. I really don't like making sales mistakes so I wanted to create a blog on this one to make sure I never make this mistake again.




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The conclusion again....if you ever communicate incorrect information to a prospect be sure to call the prospect to correct the information you provided. DO NOT email them, as they may not open the email, it may be viewed as impersonal or it may be be read in the wrong manner. Avoid the headache I experienced today with Scott Auto Brokers in Guelph. Immediately call your prospect. If you call to explain the error they will more then likely accept that it was a mistake and still go forward with the sale. If they are surprised and feel they were lied to (even if it was an honest mistake), they will most likely become upset and no longer be interested in buying from you (as per what I experienced today).



Error in information provided to prospect = Call prospect


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I hope this article on my sales mistake was helpful and that if can ensure you avoid the frustration I felt today. As always let me know if you are interested in writing an article for this blog. Just email me if you are interested.