Improve Sales With The Knowledge Of Four Common Mistakes

I attended an interesting workshop today at Sandler Training. The workshop was focused on how improve your sales force's performance. One particular topic I found interesting was four common mistakes sales people make when trying to make a sale. The four mistakes they listed were:

Four Common Mistakes Made When Trying To Make A Sale


1. Using a non-supportive approach

This mistake is basically not understanding where the buyer is coming from in terms of his wants, needs, concerns and situation. If the sales person can reflect that they understand all of this about the purchase decision the buyer is facing the chances of closing the sale increase dramatically. In some cases a sale can be made even if the purchase does not meet all of the needs and concerns of the buyer but the seller has shown they understand the needs and concerns of the buyer.


2. Having a need for approval

This problem is largely programmed into many of us just because of the society we live in. Many of us have been shaped by society to need approval, which means sometimes we can’t accept “no” as an answer. We often think “no” is bad, or the cause of confrontation, and that often discourages us from asking the prospect more questions. When you stop and think about it, it is clear sales people can increase their effectiveness and efficiency by contacting unknown people, asking the tough questions to close the sale and being okay with accepting a 'No' from a prospective customer and moving on.


3. Being uncomfortable asking for money

Again, our society has somewhat influenced us in a way that makes talking about money awkward for some people. If a sales person can't talk about money and ask people to pay them it, they will not be very effective. To solve this problem, sales people need to be comfortable and confident asking for large sums of money and confident that their company deserves the money they are asking for.


4. Being emotionally involved

By being emotionally involved in a sale it can cause someone to do irrational things based on impulse. On the other hand if a sales person is not emotionally involved in the sale it will allow them to be able to think clearly while closing the sale. In a sale the sales person's goal should always be to not get emotionally involved and get the buyer emotionally involved.


Of extra interest was the corresponding improvement in sales when each mistake was corrected. The study found the following results


1. Using a non-supportive approach - when corrected +50%

2. Having a need for approval - when corrected +35%

3. Money weakness - when corrected +30%

4. Being emotionally involved - when corrected +20%

Combine this all together and that is a 135% improvement in sales!


I found this information very useful and I hope you have found it insightful as well.


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I hope you have found this article on the improve sales with the knowledge of four common mistakes interesting. Thanks for reading.