Services Of Our Partners

Review the services below to see if your business could benefit from any of these great suppliers.


Promotional Items, Embroidered Clothing & Corporate Apparel

Are you looking to showcase your company's logo on some corporate apparel or uniforms. Or maybe you are looking for promotional item give aways that have your logo on them. If so, consider using our partner who has quick turn around, produces high quality work (done right here in Waterloo, Ontario), carries name brand apparel and charges the lowest setup fees of anyone locally. In addition they have a showroom in Waterloo where you can view and try on any of the products they carry. If you are interested in purchasing embroidered clothing, corporate apparel or other promotional items with your company's logo on them Contact Us by email and we will put you in contact with our supplying partner.


Website Design Services

Our website design partner has a very unique business model that is different from any other website design service. The way they operate is that they give you the power to control your own website. The other great thing about their service is that they offer free technical support for as long as you have a website. If you are a small to medium sized business and are not happy with your existing website, are looking to add some additional functionality to your existing website or are building your first website they can probably help you. If you are interested in learning more go the the page for our website partner by clicking on the link above.


Email Marketing Services

If you are looking for utilize the power of email marketing..... our email marketing service provider partner has a great solution. They provide an online based email marketing product suite that is easy to learn and low cost. Using email marketing you can stay in repeated contact with your customers and prospects, driving additional sales and profits. Some of the great features with their service are the ability to collect and manage subscriptions, analyze results with detailed reporting metrics and auto-responder capabilities to automate your marketing process. To learn more go to


Corporate Branding Design & Redesign

Do you need a logo designed? Does your current brand logo look out dated or just not look very professional? Do you wish people could remember what your logo looked like, be able to tell immediately what your company does and what it stands for just by seeing it? If this at all resonates with you, it might be time to redesign! We have a great supplying partner that has experience designing company logos for hundreds of companies and businesses of all sizes. If you are interested in getting a quote to have a logo created for your business Contact Us by email and we will put you in contact with our supplying partner.


Printing Services

Our local print supplier partner can provide you with almost any printed item you require. They do paper documents, binders, laminated items, signs, banners, booklets, pamphlets, flyers, business cards, direct mail pieces and poster. If you are looking to print something, they can do it at a competitive price while providing great quality. If you contact us to use our printing partner, we can provide you with 5% off your print job. To take advantage of this 5% in savings on your next print job just Contact Us by email today!


Internet, Wide/Local Area Networks & Virtual Private Network Services

Our supplying partner of internet and network services specializes in providing internet and network services to urban business, remote business and multi-site businesses. For urban and rural clients, they provide unprecedented high speed internet access using any combination of fibre optic cable, ADSL, SDSL, wireless microwave and T1 connections. For multi-site businesses they use the same list of technologies to provide a turnkey solution that can provide secure data transfer between a business' multiple locations. If you are a business looking to improve your internet or network service Contact Us by email and we will put you in contact with our supplying partner.


Government Tax Credit And Funding Application Services

Currently the federal, provincial and municipal governments have a multitude of programs available that small businesses can benefit from in the form of additional tax credits, government grants, government loans or expense reimbursements. These programs include SR&ED, Export Market Access and the SMART program just to name a few, but there are many, many more. To know what is all available could be a full time job in itself. Let someone who is an expert in this field tell you what you can qualify for and look after the application for you. Their professional service will ensure that if you are audited for a claim or application that your information will be in proper order. Sit down with one of our partners experts to receive a free 1 hour consultation to determine if you can benefit from any of the program currently being offered. Most companies can qualify for something. To set up your meeting Contact Us by email and we will put you in direct contact with our supplying partner.


Office Coffee, Tea & Espresso Services

If you are looking for someone to provide office coffee, tea or espresso services to your office, our partnering supplier can help you out. They provide a wide range of machines (over 500), various brewing solutions (pre-ground, fresh ground, full pot, single cup, capsule, paper pod, K cup) and a great selection of coffee, espresso and tea products (over 80 different brands and flavours). They operate on a no contract basis and provide coffee and espresso machines free of charge if you sign on with their service. At anytime you can try out their services FREE for one week. That is how confident they are that you will like their services. If you are interested in learning more or signing up for a FREE one week trial Contact Us by email and we will put you in contact with our supplying partner.


Product Design Services

Expanding your product line by adding a new product is an easy way to increase the revenues of any business. Our supplying partner for product design services provides a complete solution that can develop ideas for you, develop the ideas into a product that can be produced with your existing equipment, optimize product design for low cost manufacturing and assist with product launch. If you currently produce products contact them for a free consultation to see if there are any new product ideas you are missing out on.


Account Receivables Management Services

If you are having trouble collecting revenue or accounts receivables from select customers our supply partner for Account Receivables Management can probably help you. They deal with these issues every day and are experts in the tactics that work and the laws that can help you collect. In everything they do they take an intelligent, ethical approach. If you currently have accounts receivables from within the last two years that you have been unable to collect on feel free to contact them for a free consultation to see what can be done. If you already have someone helping you with your receivables feel free to contact them to get a second opinion on how you can reduce the amount of receivables you need to write off.


Scrap Or Large Item Pickup, Removal & Recycling

If you have any sort of scrap materials, large items or waste you do not know what to do with, we have a supplying partner that can take it off your hands. With all of the items they pick up, they sort and disassemble them, in order to recycle as much of the material as possible. All you have to do is contact them and they look after everything else. If that is not appealing enough, they also have phenomenal pricing to back it up! So if you have some items you want to dispose of and you want to minimize the environmental impact of your disposal Contact Us by email and we will put you in contact with our supplying partner.


Television Advertising In Local Retail Establishments

Would you be able to benefit from having your company's name and an advertisement message communicated with high repetition to local Kitchener & Waterloo residents via a high impact medium? If yes then you may want to consider learning more about one of our media partners that provides advertising on LCD screens in local retail establishments across the city. If this sounds of interest to you feel free to Contact Us by email to learn more.


If you are interested in becoming a partner of ours and being featured on this page Contact Us today.