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In this blog I have gathered some interesting research and data on the success rates of various B2B promotion methods and tactics. Hopefully you can use this data to help tweak or refine your marketing and lead generation tactics.


In a survey of 730 business to business leaders it was found that traditional media is not effective for most business to business companies. The list below is how the 730 business leaders rated the effectiveness of each traditional media.

1. Traditional TV - 33rd out of 33 methods

2. Traditional Radio - 31st out of 33 mehods

3. Traditional Print Media - 29th out of 33 methods


So what are effective methods? According to the study the most effective methods for B2B marketing and lead generation are

1. Client Referrals - 22% of respondents rated it as #1

2. General Referrals - 16% of respondents rated it as #1

3. Cold Calling - 13% of respondents rated it as #1

4. Speaking at events, trade shows and conferences - 11% of respondents rated it as #1

5. Direct Face to Face, Door to Door Interactions - 8% of respondents rated it as #1


When you look at how this averages out of the 730 businesses you get a slightly different result. The below is a list of the top five methods that were rated as either "extremely effective" or "very effective"

1. Making calls to existing contacts = 52%

2. Speaking at conferences/trade shows = 48%

3. Running your own in person event = 45%

4. Becoming members of a professional organization = 38%

5. Connecting with press contacts to gain PR = 33%


Yet surprisingly or not the most successful methods do not exactly match the most popular methods. Although the list is pretty close which I am actually pretty surprised by. Below is a list of the most popular methods used.

1. Making calls to existing contacts = 94% of respondents use this method

2. Becoming members of a professional organization = 93% of respondents use this method

3. Sending emails to individual prospects = 84% of respondents use this method

4. Speaking at conferences/trade shows = 78% of respondents use this method

5.  Connecting with press contacts to gain PR  = 68% of respondents use this method


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Source: What's Working In Lead Generation - RainToday.com


Thanks for reading this blog on B2B promotion. Be sure to check back regularly for more information on successful B2B promotion mediums and tactics.