Email Marketing From Line Open Rates

In this video blog I explain how what is displayed in your from line can affect the open rate of your email. Watch the short video below to find out if sending an email with the from line as a company's name or a person's name results in a higher open rate and open multiple (open multiple is the number of times an email is opened....yes some people open the same email more then once).


To read more about open rate bench marks check out my previous blog articles titled Email Marketing Open Rates and Best Time Of Day To Send B2B Emails.


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If you do not use email marketing for your business I would highly recommend you use it. It is very inexpensive and can generate great returns on investment. There are many low cost programs you can find on line that make email marketing very easy even for people who are not designers. A program I would recommend is Aweber. It is low cost, easy to learn and can make your emails look very professional. Aweber also has a great live telephone support line if you ever get stuck. To take a free test drive just enter your information below. (PS. For websites built on Joomla the email marketing program Acymailing is also a great option)

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Another good alternative to Aweber is Constant Contact.


I hope you have found this blog on B2B email marketing from line open rates informative.

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