Can this one marketing strategy increase sales for your business?

I was very surprised by where I came across this marketing strategy. I was not expecting it at all. I did not even realize it until about a week after it had happened and I decided to purchase from this company again. Then I knew that it works, because it was working on me without even initially noticing it. Listen to the podcast below to find out what this marketing strategy is or click here to create your own marketing strategy. 

Can this one marketing strategy increase sales for your business?


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Executive Summary

- one simple marketing strategy worked to make me buy

- this same strategy has resulted in me deciding to exclusively buy from this company in the future

- this same strategy made me tell my friends and family about the company


Sales & Marketing ROI Podcast: Episode 2

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The Break Even On This Marketing Strategy Example

Even though I don't have the data to be able to calculate the ROI for this program I can calculate an estimated break even with some basic assumptions.

Cost = $30 (usually mechanics charge a minimum of $60.00 for this kind of thing and Kevin charged me $30)

Additional Revenue = $2,400.00 (over then next 3 years we will probably send on average $400.00 per car per year and my wife and I have 2 cars)

Contribution Margin = $600.00 (assuming a contribution margin of 25% since they keep their prices low)

3 Year ROI = 1900%

A not to bad ROI in my opinion!


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