How One Startup Created A Facebook Post That Generated Over 11,000,000 Views

Case Study: Most & Least Effective Marketing Channels

In this blog article and podcast we discuss:

  • The Facebook post tactic that worked to generate over 11,000,000 views on Facebook from a single post
  • What marketing channels has all tried
  • Which of these marketing channels have been the least effective at driving sales
  • Which of these channels have been the most effective at driving sales
  • The keys to being successful when using Facebook Ads
  • Tips for how to make trade shows more effective and drive a positive return on investment
  • What they learned about picking a name and a domain
  • What they have learned about obtaining sales growth in their first 3 years in business

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Bridesmade Facebook


Executive Summary

  • Diversification of marketing channels is important for long-term success
  • Bridesmade found Twitter to be the least effective marketing channel to drive sales for their business
  • Bridesmade found Facebook Ads to be the most effective marketing channel for them to drive sales
  • To make Facebook Ads effective it is important to include a call to action that warrants action instead of making statements about the benefits of your product
  • A key to success is going where your market talks about your industry and just listening to what customers are saying
  • In order to grow you need to be willing to take large risks and make large investments
  • The single most important factor to becoming and staying a leader in your market is to focus on what customers actually need
  • To understand what customers need and want you have to listen to what customers are actually saying
  • To listen to customers you should go to where customers are talking about your industry and just listen to what they are saying


Sales & Marketing ROI Podcast: Episode #57

How One Startup Created A Facebook Post That Generated Over 11,000,000 Views 

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The Post That Generated Over 11,000,000 Views On Facebook 

The Post

Facebook Post


Key To This Posts Success:

  • Was posted before Facebook made a change to their algorithm showing fewer posts from publishers (read more)
  • Included humour
  • Tagged people by name
  • Gave a reason for people to tag their friends

Link To The Post: Facebook Page:


A Facebook Ad Example & The Results

Facebook Ad Examle 

Facebook Ad Results


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