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"Profitworks has delivered on every commitment made. Instead of paying per click, they have rebuilt our content to organically rise to the top of the search page”

Tom  - Business Owner & Customer


Who Our Service Is Not For

(If You Meet Any Of The Below Criteria Our Service Will Not Be Good Fit For Your Business)

People who are not concerned about a positive return on investment.

People who do not like doing business meetings over Webex and/or video conference.

People who think their website is not important to their business. 

People who do not put a high importance on customer service in their own business.

Businesses whose average value per sale is less than $3,000 per sale. 


How We Increase The Search Engine Rankings Of Your Website

We Do What Google Wants

The first and most important thing we do is a key philosophy to our search engine optimization services. We work to search engine optimize your website in a way that Google wants us to. We do not try and find loop holes in Google's algorithms or scam the system. We don't get involved in linking schemes, we don't produce spammy content or conduct other practices that will result in you eventually being penalized by Google and other search engines. In general we try to help search engines get the right information to the right people. We believe that if we help Google and other search engines give good search results to their users they will eventually find a way to reward us and rank our content higher. Google is constantly getting smarter and developing more advanced algorithms such as the Panda updates, Penguin updates and Hummingbird updates. From each of these updates from Google we have experienced our theory to be true. To learn more about SEO and our approach to it click here


We Create High Quality Content

If you create high quality content that people want and desire Google will notice and reward your website accordingly. This will happen naturally because Google will see that people link to this content, that people spend a significant amount of time reading those pages and that the content is shared more often on social media. Therefore we work to create high quality content that answers questions people would be searching for when they are looking to buy your product or service. Every page we create for your website is built to answer a specific question that someone would be trying to have answered.


We Add Content To Your Site Regularly

We add content to your website regularly because Google and other search engines value websites that are constantly adding new information. Think of it this way. If Google can display two equal websites for a search phrase and one website was updated yesterday and another was updated 5 years ago which do you think Google will display higher in the search results? Google will display the one that was updated yesterday because the content is more likely up to date and accurate. We look after keeping your website fresh by adding new content to your website weekly. Click here to learn more about the impact of adding content to a website regularly. 


We Search Engine Optimize Each Page Differently

For every page we create for your website we search engine optimize them differently for the specific purchase intent related keyword that specific page is targeting. Each page we create is meant to target different keywords so that your website ranks for thousands of search phrases instead of just 4 or 5. This is not a one time event we do across your website. It is something we do on each page and continually work at and modify on your website. We also look after picking the optimal long tail keywords to target for your website so that you don't have to spend time doing this. 


We Do Not Trick You Into Thinking That Advertising Is SEO

There is often a misconception that search engine advertising is search engine optimization. This is not the case, they are two completely different things. One is a pay once, benefit once marketing method and the other is a pay once, benefit indefinitely marketing method. One usually has a negative return on investment and the other almost always has a very good return on investment. Unlike what often happens in our industry we never try and convince you that search engine advertising and search engine optimization are one in the same. Unlike many other firms we never trick you as to what we are doing. We are very clear that we are not doing search engine advertising and that we are doing search engine optimization. Make sure you have someone that is actually doing search engine optimization and not just doing search engine advertising and telling you that they are doing search engine optimization. If you want to learn more about the difference between search engine optimization and search engine advertising, click here to contact us and we would be happy to set up a time to discuss and explain the differences. 


If you don't fully understand what we do or what the definitions are of some of the terms we have referenced on this page that is okay. We would be happy to discuss with you, explain things further and educate you a little bit about the basics of search engine optimization. You can also learn the basics of SEO by clicking here. If you prefer to talk to someone rather than read give us a call to learn more about search engine optimization and how it works. We are always open to discussing with people to help them understand SEO. 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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