How To Make Killer Catchy Slogans For Your Business Or Company - Step #3 Is Something Almost No One Does

Almost no one I talk to actually does testing on their slogans. How crazy is that? If you are creating something that will go everywhere with your company, why not ensure it is the most effective it can be? The only way to know for sure what is the most effective is to test your company slogans. How do you test your slogans? The simplest and most cost-effective way is to use a tool like Sumome Smart Bar. What are all the steps to creating a killer catchy slogan? Brainstorm. Feedback. Test. Profitworks provides marketing services specializing in search engine optimization and website conversion optimization services. We Work. You Profit. Interested in having us create a free slogan for your business? Contact us today

how to make killer catchy slogans



Executive Summary

Step #3 - Test your top slogan ideas using a tool like Sumome Smart Bar.

Step #2 - Get feedback on your brainstormed list of slogans. A great way to do this is to ask for feedback from friends, family, and customers and to use an inexpensive survey service like Google Consumer Surveys

Step  #1 - Brainstorm a list of slogan ideas that match what your brand stands for and your points of difference.



The ROI Of A Good Slogan

To get a good slogan you don't need to spend a lot of money. It is easy to do for free, but even if we assume you spend $150.00 for testing you can see that it can have a very high ROI. A good slogan can easily increase sales by greater than 1%, but let's assume it only increases sales by 0.5%. Let's also assume you have annual revenues of $1,000,000 and contribution margins of 40%. For this example, the ROI calculation would be as follows:

Slogan ROI = (Slogan Profit Increase-Slogan Cost)/Slogan Cost

Slogan ROI = ($1,000,000x0.5%x40%-$150)/$150

Slogan ROI = ($2,000-$150)/$150

Slogan ROI = 1,233%

As you can see, creating a great slogan can very easily have a great ROI and be well worth your time and money. 


Step #3 To Killer Catchy Slogans For Your Business Or Company - TEST

Testing your slogan is critical to ensure you land on a slogan that resonates with prospective buyers and customers. What we have found to be a great way to test a slogan is to actually show the slogan to prospective buyers and customers and see how they respond to it. How do we do this? We simply show the slogan at the top of our website and track what % of people click on the banner. By tracking the number of clicks, we can see which words engage a higher amount of action (which is what we want). We don't exclusively display slogans on our website either -  this same process can be a great way to test calls-to-action wording as well. When testing your slogan, just make sure the call-to-action button text (the text "I'm Ready For Profits From My Marketing" in the example below is the call-to-action wording) is the same across all the slogans. A tool you can install to do this on your website is Sumome Smart Bar.

Here is an example of what it looks like when we test a slogan on our website. 

slogan test

Sumome Smart Bar Instructions 

1. Go to

2. Click the green "try it free" button

smart bar step 2

3. Fill in the address of the website you want Smart Bar to run on, your email address, and the password you want to create for your login to Sumome. Then press the green "sign up" button. 

smart bar step 3

4. Add the code to your website in the <haed> tag. If you don't know how to do this, ask the person who built your website to do it. If you have Wordpress, click the Wordpress logo to install it on your website. 

smart bar step 4

5. Move your mouse to the new blue tag on your home page

smart bar step 5

6. Click on the blue Sumome tab

smart bar step 6

7. Click the Smart Bar box

smart bar step 7

8. Click the design tab

smart bar step 8

9. Select Bar Mode "Call To Action Button", enter where you want the button to send people, enter your text and your button text, click save.

smart bar step 9

10. Select the A/B testing tab

smart bar step 10

11. Click the blue "Start A/B Testing Now" button

smart bar step 11

12. Click the "Start Your Free Trial" Button

smart bar step 12

13. Enter your credit card number, credit card expiry and CVC code, click the checkout button. 

smart bar step 13

14. Select the A/B testing tab

smart bar step 14

15. Enter your alternate slogan ideas and hit save. 

Once you do this your website will show all the variants of your slogan to your website visitors. You can then come back and see which ones get the most interest by which ones get the most clicks. 

slogan testing results 


Step #2 To Killer Catchy Slogans For Your Business Or Company - GET FEEDBACK

1. Ask Employees, Friends, & Family For Feedback

Asking employees, friends, and family for feedback will give you some great qualitative feedback to pick out which ideas from your list are worth exploring more. They will be able to help you determine how to narrow your list down to a shorter one you can give to customers for further feedback. At this stage, ask these people for additional ideas they would add.  You might be surprised by their insight and ideas. The current Profitworks slogan came from an idea from an employee. 


2. Ask Customers For Feedback

After you have shortened your list to a more manageable number of slogans, maybe 5 to 10, send it to some of your most trusted customers and see what their thoughts are. This will again provide you with some great qualitative feedback from your target market. Ask which ones they like the best, why, and which ones they like the least.  This feedback should help you further narrow down your list of ideas. You should now be down to 4-5 leading options.


3. Get Feedback From a Large Sample Set

The final step we recommend is to get feedback from a large sample set. This will ensure you find the best slogan that will appeal to the highest % of people in your target. This prevents you from making significant branding decisions based on isolated or non-representative opinions. The best way to do this would be to set up a survey in Google Consumer Surveys. This is very easy to do and a very affordable survey tool to get responses from over 500 people. With this tool, you can even filter who can answer your survey so that, for example, only businesses owners, males, females, people with over $100,000 income, etc., can answer your survey. This ensures that you receive feedback from your target audience and market.

Google Consumer Survey Instructions

Here are the steps to get a survey set up on Google Consumer surveys:

1. Go to

2. Click the blue "Create a Survey" button in the top right-hand corner

google consumer surveys step 1 

3. Select if you are going to send your survey to the general population or a specific demographic.  If you want only business owners to answer your survey, click "Audience panels" and then select "Small/Medium Business Owners." If you use just the specific demographic it will be $0.10 per entry or $50.00. If you select business owners or any other audience panel it will be $0.30 per entry or $150.00 for the survey, if you run a survey with 500 responses. 

google consumer surveys step 3 

4. Select single answer from the list of options for question format and click "Add Question" button

google consumer surveys step 4 

5. Enter a question like "Which slogan is the most appealing to you?" and enter your slogans in the text fields. If you already have a slogan, include your current slogan to make sure your new slogan ideas are actually better than your current slogan.

google consumer surveys step 5 

6. Enter the number of entries you want in the responses per question field. Then click the blue "Buy Now" button

google consumer surveys step 6 

7. Complete the payment process. 


Step #1 To Killer Catchy Slogans For Your Business Or Company - BRAINSTORM

The first step to getting a killer slogan is to brainstorm a large list of options that you can take to employees, family, and friends for feedback. 

The best way to start this process is to think about what your brand stands for, what are your company's points of difference and try and find a short phrase that is easy to say and summarizes these points. Use normal brainstorming best practices and write down all ideas no matter how bad you think they are. Bad ideas can sometimes lead to your best ideas.

For each idea you create, you want it to be as many as possible of the following: 

 - a slogan that can be understood quickly

 - a slogan that is memorable

 - a slogan that is unique

 - a slogan that is ownable

 - a slogan that communicates what makes you different

 - a slogan that communicates something your prospects want

 - a slogan that creates good feelings

 - a slogan that encourages people to save

 - a slogan that has alliteration

 - a slogan that includes feeling words like "excitement"

 - a slogan that includes action words like "open"

You can also use a slogan generator to help you get started. They will provide some good ideas, but most of them will not make sense, so just scan the list and pull the best ones you see to add to your list. 

Need some more help coming up with slogan ideas? Here is a great article on how to come up with slogan ideas. In addition, it shows the slogans for many of the top brands in the world. Here is an article we wrote on how to make slogans that attract customers. And finally, take a look at this list of 65 of the biggest brands and their slogans





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